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              Cash management solutions

              Keep your business running smoothly with cash management strategies that make it easier to stay on top of your payables and receivables.

              Merchant services

              Giving your customers many ways to pay is a great advantage for your business. Increase your sales volume and speed up your service by offering more payment options:

              • Debit cards
              • Credit cards
              • Gift cards

              Corporate creditor billing service

              Take advantage of an efficient, cost effective and fully encompassing solution for processing of Corporate Creditor Institution Number remittance payments.

              Electronic payment services

              Electronically deliver or collect funds to and from any financial institution in Canada with Customer Automated Funds Transfer.

              Cash management account

              Consolidate all or some of your business operating accounts into a cash management system. You’ll have one cash management umbrella account and associated accounts that will "share" balances, including any available authorized overdraft.

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