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              Media centre

              Media contact

              To set up an interview with a Servus Credit Union representative or to make a media inquiry, please contact:

              Michael Dickinson
              Director Stakeholder Solutions
              Servus Credit Union


              About Servus Credit Union Ltd.
              Servus Credit Union is a member-owned financial institution serving members from more than 100 locations in 59 communities. Servus aspires to build a better world - one member at a time – by shaping member financial fitness to help Albertans feel in control, financially resilient and able to pursue opportunities. For more information, call toll-free 1.877.378.8728 or visit servus.ca.

              Permission to use website content

              If you'd like permission to reuse any information on this website, contact us.

              Please provide a detailed description about how you intend to use the material.

              Servus Credit Union logo

              Servus Credit Union's logo includes a distinct symbol and wordmark that visually reflect our company and our financial world. The logo is available for download in different sizes.

              Unauthorized use of the Servus Credit Union logo is prohibited.

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