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            1. Home > Offers and promotions > Head start on The Servus Big Share 2020

              Head start on The Servus Big Share 2020

              Grow your money faster

              When's the last time you got the advantage of a head start?

              Now's your chance to get early entries into The Servus Big Share? 2020. With our 8 Month Non-redeemable GIC, you can grow your money faster and get further ahead. The money you save earns you Profit Share? Rewards cash, which are your head start entries toward the $1 million prize. Rates are subject to change, some terms and conditions may apply.


              Get ahead now

              More Qualifying GICs

              2.15 %

              18 Month

              18 Month Rewritable GIC

              2.20 %

              28 Month

              28 Month Flex GIC

              Enjoy peace of mind with built-in flexibility.

              Don't worry about missing out on a great rate. With our 18 Month Rewritable GIC* you can take advantage if interest rates go up. Prefer to have access to your money? Our 28 Month Flex GIC* lets you withdraw up to 20% of your funds, while leaving your remaining savings to continue earning interest.

              *Rewrite option is at the discretion and direction of the member. New term must be equal to or greater than remaining GIC term length. Annual partial redemption allowance of 20% of original investment amount. Available once per year after the 1st anniversary date. Rates are subject to change, some terms and conditions may apply.

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