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              Grow your money faster

              Save money. Increase your head start

              The Servus Big Share™ 2020 is coming. Now's your chance to get early entries by growing your savings with a special GIC offer. You'll not only earn interest on your money, but you'll also increase your head start towards the $1 million prize.

              See special offer

              Every member is a winner with our…

              Valuable expert advice

              Our financial advisors offer personalized service because we're committed to helping you feel good about your money.

              Unlimited access

              Through online banking or our 24/7 Member Contact Centre, you can bank whenever and wherever you want.

              Cooperative difference

              As a member you share in our profits. You also receive our 100% deposit guarantee on your money including interest.

              Full banking services

              We offer investment products, loans and credit cards. Plus insurance and wealth services through our partners.


              Your savings will earn Profit Share® Rewards cash

              Earn 0 per year*
              Enter the amount of your savings in the box below to see your head start.

              *The Profit Share® calculator is for informational and illustrative purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for professional advice. The calculation is dependent on the accuracy and completeness of the data you enter and is not guaranteed. Individual circumstances may differ; a representative from Servus Credit Union can help you determine your eligibility for Profit Share and how to enhance your Profit Share payment. Profit Share Rewards® cash is calculated on an annualized basis. Investments at Servus Credit Union include GICs and term deposits in both registered and non-registered accounts. Other investments available through Servus Wealth Strategies are not eligible for Profit Share at this time. Profit Share figures shown in this calculator are based on the 2018 Servus Credit Union Profit Share Program model as approved by the Board of Directors for Servus.

              ™ The Servus logo and the Servus Circle graphic device are trademarked properties of Servus Credit Union Ltd.



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